A Smart NIU

Connected and Smart


Real-time GPS / Anti-theft Alert + Alarm / Real-time diagnostics / Service Station Directory

In a world of connected devices, we asked why are scooters disconnected from the cloud? We set out to change this.



A Connected Scooter

The N-SPORT has a computer on-board that is constantly communicating with the cloud so you can receive real-time data on your mobile phone for basics like anti-theft alerts, daily riding habits, diagnostics, power supply, and navigation to the nearest service station*.


Peace of Mind

With built-in GPS tracking all NIU scooters will immediately send an alert to the NIU Cloud when an unauthorized movement of the bike occurs, instantaneously alerting the owner of the theft and constant location status updates.

Smart Data.
Smart Rider.

For the more tech savvy rider, the NIU Cloud is constantly connected and aggregating useful data on riding history. On top of that riders can easily access our customer service manual for any issues at hand.

Service Center

Repair Shops
Around the Corner

The NIU Cloud is global in reach but local in service. All authorized service providers are as close as the app in hand. With one touch dialing and instant navigation, NIU riders can remedy a flat tire in minutes. This service is available in select markets.

BOSCH + FOC Power Train System

German Precision, Optimized

We teamed up with BOSCH motor to build an ultra efficient and smart motor for the future of e-scooters. At the center of this collaboration is the NIU developed “Field-Oriented Control” system, that we customized for the 1500W BOSCH motor to optimize power consumption. We coupled the FOC optimized motor with an EBS dual brake system to recycle power back into the system. So when you’re braking, you are re-charging.

Breakthrough In Power Management

Extending the ride and performance

In real-time, the FOC is monitoring the overall electricity demand on the system so that the BOSCH motor performs at a peak level while efficiently using the resources available.

In an effort to enhance overall vehicle performance the Electric Brake System (EBS) and FOC optimize power conservation and output; effectively recycling power during certain periods of braking and limiting power output during select periods of acceleration.

We have effectively been able to reduce braking distances by up to 60%, and recycle 6% of the battery capacity back into the system through our intelligent braking system.

 Higher Performance,

With Less Energy

10% Savings on Energy Consumption

BOSCH’s state-of-the-art motor technologies is a key component in optimizing energy efficiency simply by reducing motor abrasion and the power wastage that can be found in your typical motor. When compared to typical motors under the same driving conditions the N1S Civic motor is performing at least 10% more efficiently.

 Field Oriented Control (FOC)

The Intelligence Behind Our Motor.

The NIU FOC (Field Oriented Control) system was built in collaboration with BOSCH to create a state-of-the-art power train. Striking a fine balance between performance and energy consumption, the FOC is key in balancing range and speed.

You can think of the FOC as the brain controlling the motor in real-time. It recognizes the conditions your riding under and instantly calls on the motor to perform as optimally as possible. The FOC can sense the scooter diagnostics, things that you as a driver cannot see, and make a decision as how the motor will respond to your riding demands.

Dual Hydralic Disc Brakes

Braking distance reduced by more than 50%

The NIU brakes are engineered from a high-manganese steel composite, lubricated with BOSCH brake fluid, and threaded brake line to extend the life of the entire system.

Electronic Braking System (EBS)

The Intelligence behind the braking.

Not only is the EBS making your ride more safe, it is also recycling energy back into the system. On average the EBS is providing an additional 6% of battery power, or in other words about 4km of riding range.

Engineered for Performance

Re-inventing the future of urban exploration requires a deep understanding of Lithium-Ion technology. We have tapped into the tried and tested 18650 series of Lithium Ion batteries and adapted the technology to the needs of two-wheeled urban transportation – lightweight, efficient, and dependable.

In short we have taken 180 battery cells, connected them in parallel to create a robust 29Ah core battery pack. Taking that one step further, we have adopted PTC technology which compartmentalizes each cell, so if one cell goes awry it doesn’t compromise the performance of the entire battery pack.

PACK Technology

Integrated Battery Armor

We have incorporated PACK* technology adopted by world-class automakers globally to create an “armor” around each individual cell to protect the integrity of the entire battery solution.

NIU Intelligent Battery

180 Cells – Acting As One

The NIU Battery Pack harnesses 180 cells of lithium-ion technology. This is all powered by the NIU BMS (Battery Management System) that connects each cell in parallel to create a robust 29aH core battery pack. Simultaneously the NIU BMS ensures real-time monitoring of voltage, current, and temperature of the battery.

Over-Charging Protection          Over-Dischargeing Protection

Short Circuit Prevention          Over-Current Prevention

Temperature Control          Cell Equalization

N-Sport Spec:

Size:                    1780*690*1149

Ground Clearance:          140mm

Wheelbase:                       1285mm

Curb Weigh:                     80.8kg

Endurance Distance:      130km

Climbing Angle:              14*

Brake Distance (dry):     1.8m(20km/h)

Brake Distance (wet) :    2.5m(20km/h)

Max Passenger Weigh:   200kg

Battery Type:                    18650 lithium battery

Voltage:                             60V

Capacity:                           35AH

Standard Current:           4A

Charging Time:                 3.5H

Cattery Bag Size:               309*184.5*148mm

Motor Control Solution:  FOC Vector Control

Motor Rate Power:           1500W

Motor Max Power:            2580W

Motor Max Torque:           120N.m

Controller Max Current:   43A

Braking Mode:                     Front Rear Distance Brake

Front Braking Mode:          220m Dual-Piston Hydraulic Disk Brake

Rear Braking Mode:            1.8m(dry)  2.5m (wet)

Front tire size:                      90/90-12

Rear tire size:                       120/70-12

Additional information

Weight 178 lbs
Dimensions 1780 × 690 × 1149 in

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