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Do you want a mask that can filter 99% of bacteria?
Set ( Face Mask washable and reuse + 3 Herbal filters), buy 10 sets get 1 free, buy 15 get 17, buy 20 get 23.
– 100% cotton and 99% Anti-Bacteria Herbal filters.
– Manufactured using Japanese technology.
– Machine washable, line dry, and reuse many times.
– Soft, fit, comfortable.
– It does not cause secretions, shortness of breath.
– Antibacterial masks will not cause skin irritation.
– Made in Vietnam.
For only $8.99 USD you have a set of 1 face mask + 3 Anti-Bacteria Herbal filters and free shipping. Please visit, call us at 408-239-9856 or email us at

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