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Discover six secrets about smart electric motorcycles.

The secret to choosing a stylish tram

1. Warning: What is the difference between a Lithium-ion battery and acid-lead batteries?

Acid Batteries – lead

Acid – lead batteries (often referred to as lead batteries, or batteries) are a type of reversible electrochemical equipment used to transform power into power when launched and vice versa when loaded.

It is composed of the electrodes made of lead (PB) and the acoustic version made of lead oxide (PbO2) placed in the Electrofeces solution is AxitSunfuric (H2SO4).

– Advantages:

• Cheap price, to create 60V-29Ah power supply, such as new N-Sport batteries requiring 5 batteries, each 12V-30Ah battery cost about 1 million VND, the battery pack costs only 5 million VND.

• No need to control circuits and battery management BMS (Battery management System)

– Disadvantages:

• Low specific energy density (power/mass) should be mass and volume large, to have power supply such as the new N-Sport battery, 5 batteries of approximately 50 kg, weighing 5 times and 3 times the battery pack.

• Cannot be charged with high line so slow energy regeneration time. To recharge the battery requires a time of approximately 10-12 hours.

• Low life expectancy, when used continuously as electric cars, battery life only reaches 1-1.5 years. • Small zoom line, it is not possible to attach a large-capacity engine (e.g. the Vinfast Klara Lithium battery that has a 1200W motor, while Klara battery is only fitted with 800W engine)

• Only usable until the battery is 50%, stop, if the drain is vulnerable to damage to the battery so the distance is equal to about 60% of the lithium battery has the same capacity.

• Polluting the strong environment due to acid and lead

• No protective circuits should be unsafe in cases of short-touch.

• The acid solution can evaporate the rust to other parts of the vehicle.

• Lithium-Ion batteries

The Lithium-ion battery or Li-ion battery is a reversible electrochemical device used to transform the power into electricity when the room and vice versa. Is composed of positive LiFePO4 or LiMn2O4 or LiCoO2. The negative is made from graphite, the insulation of the insulated form such as ethylene carbonate, dimethyl carbonate, and diethyl carbonate.

– Advantages:

• High energy density and small amount of size.

• Rechargeable with high current so the charging time is short, charging standard 6-8h, fast charging from 3-4h and super fast charging 1-2h is the battery can be full of 90-99%.

• Long service life, depending on conditions, mode of use whose battery life is about 2-3 years (smart phone battery), 5-6 years (phone battery) or higher is 7-10 years (laptop, tram).

• Large zoom line, which can be fitted with high power motors

• Can discharge up to 20% with less impact on battery life so the distance goes longer than the battery is about 40-50%.

• The management and control circuits should be safe in cases of overloading, overload, overheating.

• More environmentally friendly.

• The sealed battery should not affect other vehicle details

– Disadvantages:

• High production price.

• Must have an accompanying BMS circuit to control the discharge load.

• When the discharge is too low or the load is too full of gas causing battery bulge, even explosion.

2. As soon as you analyse each word in this report, you will be amazed and unexpectedly…
The truth about electric cars and gasoline cars.

The initial investment cost of new N-Sport cars is about 10 – 15 million, but the cost of exploitation and maintenance is low.

• Cost of gasoline – electricity:

• Petrol go to 80km of 2 litres = 40,000 đ (10 times)

• New car 80km charging 1 times 1.5 – 2kWh electric = 4,000 đ

• Average motorbike operating in HCMC 1 day about 30km (10km, about 10km, other tasks 1 week, approximately 160km, new car saves 72.000 đ/week = 4 million VND/year.

• Maintenance Costs:

• Periodic maintenance Petrol car 6 months/time: Viscous machine, digital viscous belt, slugs, and cleaning buji, combustion chamber, wind filter, injector, gasoline filter, viscous filter…. Not less than 1.5 million, 1 year 3tr, 10 years 30tr

• New 10-year vehicle replacing battery for 15tr. Other expenses such as tires, ball bearings, brake pads, brake oil are equally considered, each year the cost of maintenance of car Niu saves 1.5 million VND.

• Total Cost: Each year the new car is 5.5 million. After 2-2.5 years have invested the arbitrage. When exploiting the entire life cycle of about 23 years (200,000-250,000 km according to scientists ‘ research) then the total amount of savings is more than 100tr, enough to buy 2 new vehicles.

3. Who else wants to warn against absolute safety theft?
The new “N-Sport” guarantee will not be cracked and stolen.

If I give you the “N-Sport” car lock, and open the “alarm system”, you can boot it? No, because when you turn the buckle, the anti-theft signal will call and disconnect engine power. Right now, if you take the car. “Niu APP” will immediately announce the relocation car, and tell me the positioning of the car in real time via cloud. “The more you read later, the more efficient and intelligent new” N-Sport “you realize.

4. Wouldn’t it be great, if you were to use a cruise control system?

Imagine watching, you’re driving the Niu “N-Sport” on Dalat Pass. When using “Cruise control system”, you vu vi at a fixed speed of 45km/h. You can enjoy the majestic natural beauty without even the center of the station. Rest assured, as needed, you just need to gently click the throttle to regain the speed control.

5. How do I know when your car needs repairs?

The Niu app on smartphones examines the entire power system, battery system, intelligent system, and electronic system. Using the Niu app on your smartphone is surprisingly simple. You just need to press the “Smart Check” button as the application will check 20 important points in the four aforementioned systems. I really recommend using the “smart check” system regularly.

6. Intelligent people like you must already know the two most important parts of the electric scooter are “motors” and “batteries”.
This is the secret to success when choosing a smart tram.
Breakthrough in technology of manufacturing “Lithium-ion” battery of Panasonic Company and “Electric motor” of Bosch company, are two companies of the world name. Niu “N-Sport” equipped with “Panasonic Lithium-ion” battery 60v-29ah goes away 70km-95km/charger, and the “Bosch” 1500w motor with the highest speed of 70km/hr. The secret here is 60v-29ah battery capacity and 1500w motor production. 60v-29ah battery capacity, almost 30% higher capacity, the journey is longer than 20km, less power charge, the battery life is higher than the 60v-22ah battery capacity. 1500w motors, which accelerate faster, better traction, higher maximum speeds than 1200w motors. Do you visualize an 800w engine that pulls more weight by nearly 50kg of the 5-battery batteries, how far will you go? Understand the importance of the “Panasonic Lithium-ion” battery 60v-29ah and the “Bosch” 1500w motor?

You can also own the trendy Niu N-Sport now. Price is probably $58 million + 10% VAT = $63,800,000.00 VND. But now we have the promotion for customers fastest, with a price of only $58 million. Offer to $5.8 million-be quick to order now. And yet, the package includes nationwide postage.

Please call us at 0937933668 A. Long or visit the showroom:
23 ba Huyen Thanh Quan Street, District 3, HCMC, Vietnam. Phone: 0282253838335

If I can sell you a new n-Sport car at a monthly installment rate that suits your pocket, not to mention that you choose the model and get 0 percent of the money in the first year, are you curious to check out this piece of car? Please call us for further advice.

Why is our new N-sport worth the price?
The price is higher but features outstanding.

• Battery 29Ah in substitution of 22Ah (greater than 30%) • Go to 85-90km/1 time charge compared to max 70km • Maximum speed 70km/h versus 50km/h • 1500W (max 2400W) engine with 1200W (max 2000W) • Intelligent FOC Controller saves 10% battery versus PMW Controller • Regenerative braking saves 6-8% battery power • and a variety of other intelligent features such as signal self-shutdown, speed fixed, remote management via APP, automatic OTA firmware upgrade…. • The best is that you will never have to visit the gas station. It’s amazing all right, isn’t it?

Best regards Michael Hai Nguyen Vnsmarttech Inc.

     Re-pen: I have read an article that speaks about the cause of the Saigon air to be contaminated by the traffic, industry and construction activities. In which, pollution from emissions from 10 million motorcycles, 700 K cars is the most, in addition to which 1.000 large factories, and dust from ongoing construction activities make the city of Saigon as increasingly harder to breathe. I hope that you love Saigon from today by being on the job or replacing a gas car into a new electric scooter like Niu “N-Sport”. Niu “N-Sport” will join you in the fresh air of Sai Thanh to 80 km for a single charge. You will be the current body of the angel protecting the green environment. The President JOHN F. KENNEDY once said: __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Become a writer of history, not a victim of past volatility, be confident to decide our own destiny, do not be skeptical, and the emotional crisches obscure vision. — – JOHN F. KENNEDY — – __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________. is an environmental protector or a victim of pollutant emissions? Are you confident in deciding your destiny? If you don’t decide to protect your environment, you will be the victim of pollutant emissions. Let us contribute to protecting the environment so our children have a fresh atmosphere. Let’s look to a Saigon that has no pollution.

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